Fumiko Negishi

Born in Tokyo in 1970. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design in 1993, and she won the Graduation Award. After graduating, she studied abroad in Madrid and she attended the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1995, she won the Young Artist Award at the “Calcografía Nacional “in Madrid. In the same year she received a painting scholarship course in Almeria Mojacar, Spain.  


In 1993,  the Machida International Print Museum, Accésit. In 1995, Spanish Print Exhibition in calcografía nacional, Madrid. (New artist price)  In 1996, the Spanish Print Exhibitionin calcografía nacional,Madrid (honorific price).  The Sapporo International Print Biennale. Young Artist Exhibition la sala de Avenida de America, Madrid. In 1997 GINGKO Gallery (1998), Madrid. Art Fair ESTAMPA 97,99. In 2000 Spanish Art Award Winning Print Exhibition (1990-2000), touring South America. Generation Exhibition 2000, (2002, 2004) Caja Madrid, punto encuentro Exhibition, Cruce Gallery, Madrid. Tokinowasuremono Gallery in 2001, Tokyo (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2015). In 2002 ARCO Spanish International Art Fair, Egan Gallery, Madrid (2002, 2010). In 2003 Gran mentira del arte exhibition, FUCARES gallery, Almagro. In 2010 KIAF / 2010 (Seoul International Art Fair, South Korea) Tokinowasuremono Gallery Stand (2011, 2012). In 2009 VOCA Exhibition (the vision of comtemporary art), Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. In 2011, This is Japan Exhibition, Zaragoza History Museum, Spain. In 2014, Kimono-Joya Exhibition. Gallery Parada Tokyo. In 2015, KIMONO-JOYA Exhibition, Pimentel Palace, Valladolid. In 2016, Aliada Exhibition, centro centro. Madrid. SHIKISOKUZEIKU Exhibition, Japanese Ambassador in Spain, Madrid. Exhibition ” Enjoy abstract art”, Nirasaki Omura Museum of Art, Yamanashi, Japan. In 2017, “PAISAJES SOÑADO” Exhibition, cuatro Gallery, Valencia, (2020).     In 2019, OPEN HORIZONS Exhibition, H.G CONTEMPORARY Gallery, Madrid. KIMONO-JOYA exhibition, Embassy of Spain in Japan, Tokyo. In 2020, ¨Las vueltas que da la vida¨ Grupe exhibition, Galería cuatro Valencia. ¨Tricolore2021¨ Groupe exhibition,Tokinowasuremono Gallery.Tokyo. In 2021 ¨Summer colores¨Groupe exhibition, Galería cuatro Valencia. In 2022 ¨Treasures on silk, Oriental daydreams¨Groupe exhibition, Mingorance showroom in Málaga municipal archive. Málaga. In 2022 -2023 ¨Kimono-Joya¨ Groupe exhibition. La casa lector, Matadero. Madrid. In 2023 ¨PLAT Garden¨ the works of the workshop by Fumiko Negishi in the José Val de Omar art School in Granada. Granada. The talk and exhibiton ¨Books Night¨ Librería Gaudí. Madrid. ¨SINERGIAS2.0¨Groupe exhibition , Galería Cuatro, Valencia. ¨Kimono-Joya¨exhibition, Metropoli Gijón, Gijón. Colaboration with ¨TOKI no IRO¨ of Javier delafuente, Culture space Serrería Belga. Madrid.