Tiempo reflejado/ sheet 76x56cm


Negishi Fumiko’s virtuous etching works have the guessed perfume of Japanese gardens, avoid symmetry and intense colors, delicately play with simple shapes that evoke the natural world. Hers schemes seem the fruit of training, in which hers obvious artistic ability is sustained by a suspected spiritual exercise. That is why they surprise us, why they intrigue us. The beauty they emanate always has a singular expression, which tells us of an elemental and powerful universe: a universe in which heaven, earth and also man coexist in refined lines. hers etchings are constellations in which harmony does not reside in logical arrangements, but in subtle interrogations and answers. unexpected. They have a poignant wisdom that runs counter to Negishi Fumiko’s youthful freshness. Hers works are seen from Spain as a dazzling contribution of the oriental gaze to contemporary art, and I think that in the eyes of his compatriots they will reveal new landscapes, which have also been influenced by the singularities of the space and light in which they were made. . The mysteries of the journey to a different territory, the discoveries of new perspectives, bear fruit in its beautiful snapshots of the essential. The austerity of hers compositions have the laconicism that we identify with the Zen spirit, that delicious taste for brevity and precision that we admire in the stanzas of the tanka and hai-ku, but they also enjoy that always exciting intimate illumination that distinguishes the intuition, the absolute knowledge of satori, of logic western. That spirit that enlivens everything it touches and that manifests itself with the sudden glow of lightning.

Marcos-Ricardo Barnatán, Spanish Daily”EL MUNDO”Art Critic

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Tiempo/ sheet 76x56cm
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