Kimono – joya project

Kimono - joya

The Kimono-Joya project tries to reconcile two finisterres, Spanish and Japanese: that where the sun sets as if it were looking for another continent and where the sun raise as if, after having traveled that continent, is shown in the new Horizon with renewed moods. Kimono Joya makes this conciliation with singular skill, because the focus of the exhibition is a habit, the sea, the garment that enables us to present ourselves before others, to appear in the world transformed into works of art.

That’s what Kimono Joya kimonos want. Or rather, the paintings that, taking as the geometric frame and the colorless of that classic garment of Japanese clothing, has made a select cast of Spanish and Japanese artists. Exhibiting the most varied possibilities of art, these artists have tried to overcome the idea of ​​frontier, to sublimate the ability, to turn art into a way of life. To reconcile, in sum, painting and music, dance and poetic action. That is its uniqueness. It would seem that it is the singularity of dreams, but it is no less true that the dreams made by the artists of Kimono Jewel reverberate with the most varied lights of consciousness, of knowledge.

A radical attempt to open bridges, to promote meetings, to recognize each other, the project of Kimono Joya puts before our eyes something like a mirror in which even more to see us as we see ourselves transfigured. And, in that way, we put to revive a forgotten history. The story in a certain secret way of the two Finisterres of the world and their relations.

Ignacio Gómez de Liaño