Exhibition Tricolore 2021 – Fumiko Negishi. Uda Yoshihisa. Tsuri Mitsuho

April 2 to April 17, 2021. Tokinowasuremono Gallery. Tokyo. www.tokinnowasuremono.com

Exhibition of 3 artists chosen by the gallery.

Fumiko Negishi: Resides in Madrid after graduated to fine art university in Japan. Hers works present humor and cheerful. This time she painted on silk.

Uda Yoshihisa: He works on the great global nature as the water ecosystem on earth. The theme of the works in the exhibition is the water tank.

Tsuri Mitsuho: She creates ceramic objects that look like they are woven from wool, using a ¨Tebineri (hand twisting) ¨ technique.

You could see my works on its website made Tetsuya Shiono / Colla online magazine: j

MY interview tells of my childhood, where my relationship with painting began. My grandparents on my father’s side, were artists, despite dedicating to many things in their life, in the end they created a method of teaching drawings for children and dedicated to teaching in children’s schools in Tokyo, I sometimes also went with them. My mother has also studied fine arts, and she were drawing teacher in school in Tokyo, so there was always material around me to paint.

The word ¨Artist¨ for me, was a kind of profession when I was young. but now ¨Artist ¨ is considered a way of life, includes both the people who create art objects and the people who are moved by it. Emotion is the key in the Art and the life of one person is enriched by feels moved how much more. Thinking in this way, every day I try to be the best possible artist.

Right now, it´s pandemic times, I cannot do what I did before. One of my activities is to guide japanese people to museums in Madrid. I went almost every day to the Prado Museum. when I started it, I thought it could be a bit heavy, but in the end it was a pleasure to go every day and see the paintings in the museum. I feel that there is communication with them. I think that Art is the great power of communication. Masterpieces communicate with us crossing long time, and do excited us sharing time with them. I think that important are not the art works as material, but the Emotion produced from this meeting : art works and persons, the feeling to get excited is the most important thing in art.

My work is composed with strange figures in the beginning, when I was young I could almost see them, which directly inspired me. I think that art based on human inspiration is very Japanese, and as I am too. It was very difficult to explain what each thing is concretely then. In Spain there are many knowledgeable people, with a lot of information and it seems to me that the art here uses logic and thought. I find these two maind worlds , the logical and the inspiration, Europe and Japan. Now I think that I am looking for a logic to work now little by little.

In the Pandemic I have been able to read many books, books that I have not been able to read before due to lack of time.

And now I imagine a lot about the European artists of the early twentieth century, who encountered the art of another world: prehistory, Asian, Japanese, African, etc., and they were surprised and developed a moving new art. Now I feel a bit like them, I am Japanese, but I have been in Madrid for a long time, and now I am seeing Japanese culture from the outside, which surprises and is moved me.

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